Vote YES for our Library

Editor, Watertown Daily Times:
78-degreesVote yes for our library.
Did that get your attention? I hope so. On Nov. 8 there is an advisory referendum that asks your opinion on the Watertown Public Library. Is it important to you? I hope you think so. Well over 550 people visit our library every day.
Our library is a crucial asset to Watertown, and an anchor in the community. It is a gateway to our community. Picture a prospective business person or someone who is looking for a place to live. We are in the perfect spot location wise. Now picture that person turning on to Main Street and seeing the current sights. You know what I am talking about. (Our existing library even has police tape across the stairs. They are unsafe and need to be repaired.) Now picture a beautiful library on Main Street. What a great introduction to our historic city. We need something as a stimulus for economic development.
Not only do we need a stimulus for economic development, our library needs to evolve to stay relevant to our changing world. We are a gathering place for programs, performances, group meetings and technology training. Just this week I was talking with some ladies who made use of the library’s job assistance program. Currently the library’s largest conference room can seat 37 people. The plans call for a 150-seat multipurpose room for community use. Can you imagine what a great asset that will be to the community?
I happen to think that children are also a great asset to the community. They are our future. The library has many programs that focus on early literacy but has an inadequate space. The new plans call for the children’s room to be larger and on the first floor. We will no longer have to find a space in the community to hold large children’s programs.
Please vote yes on Nov. 8 for the library of our future.
Jan Runge, President of Friends of the Watertown Public Library

One thought on “Vote YES for our Library

  1. This is a very important initiative…

    For many years, Watertown has been discussing the idea of moving a number of downtown projects forward. Seeing this discussion become a referendum for improving our library is very encouraging, and needed. Our town will see benefits from a new vision for education of all residents through improved library facilities and programs.

    In addition to this vision, it is important to recognize the need for not only one town asset, but the whole plan which has been developed by the city and consultants. Addressing only the library is not a complete solution, but it is an important and solid start.

    The long-time discussed proposal for a town square is critical to establishing the downtown as a place of gathering. Without a square initiative, the full benefits of an investment in the library (and other worthy projects) will not be realized. Both of these assets would be intertwined, and be mutually beneficial.

    See the link to our city website:

    I encourage the city and related committees to move the town square proposal forward, in conjunction with the library referendum. Together, both of these projects will achieve the desired goal: a better downtown Watertown for the future.


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